Testing Service Plans

We'll mail you a Sample Collection Kit after you order the testing service. The sample collection kit includes two special blood collection tubes, swab collection set, instructions on specimen collection, forms and a FedEx return shipping label. The kit shipping will take 2-3 days on the way via USPS Priority Mail. And return shipment via FedEx will take 2 days after you drop off the kit at FedEx Ship Center. The cost of each test service plan already covers kit fee, shipping fee, lab testing fee and sales tax. Please read our Refund Policy before ordering.

When placing an order, please be sure to fill in the correct email address and mailing address. We will arrange kit shipping as soon as possible after receiving the order, and will arrange for a specialist to keep in touch with you via email until the testing is completed.

We accept ShopPay InstallmentsPayPal Pay in 4 and PayPal Credit as Payment Plan Option, click here to know how to complete the order via Payment Plan Options.