Sampling Method

Mother's Blood Sample Collection:
A safe blood draw from the pregnant mother's arm (venipuncture) should be performed at Clinics or by a professional medical assistant (nurse/phlebotomist). All blood sample should be collected with special cell-free preservation collection tubes (from Streck, Roche, PAXgene from Qiagen/BD or Vangenes) for transportation. 
The best option for mother's blood sample collection is to ask assistance from your ObGYN or primary care doctor. If you cannot get the blood work done at your doctor's office, some franchise laboratories, such as "Any Lab Test Now" or "ARCpoint Labs", provide Kit Drawn service without referrals. Please contact us for assistance before you order the testing if there are any issues. 
If you were wondering home blood drawn service, you can search for "mobile phlebotomy" or "mobile blood draw" on Google Maps and check the facilities that provide phlebotomy services in your area.
Alleged Father's Sample Types:
A buccal swab sample from the alleged father is an ideal source of DNA.
And DNA samples from alleged father(s) can also be obtained from a variety of discreet sources including but not limited to: nail clippings, hairs with follicles, beard debris (razor), blood stains, chewing gum,  toothbrush, floss picks, semen etc. There is no additional fee for discreet sample testing.

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