Sampling Method

Mother's Blood Sample Collection:
A safe blood draw from the pregnant mother's arm (venipuncture) should be performed at Clinics or by a professional medical assistant (nurse/phlebotomist). All blood sample should be collected with special cell-free preservation collection tubes (from Streck, Roche or Vangenes) for transportation.
If you need to find a possible clinic site on your end for blood specimen collection, please contact us for assistance.
Alleged Father's Sample Types:
A buccal swab samples from the alleged father is an ideal source of DNA.
But DNA samples from the alleged father(s) can also be obtained from a variety of discreet sources including but not limited to: toothbrush, nail clippings, nail file, Beard debris (razor), Blood stains, chewing gum, hairs with follicles, semen etc.