How to order

Six Easy Steps to Get the Testing Done from Vangenes DNA Testing Lab:

Step 1. It'll be better to chat online or call us via 424-434-9090 (9:00am-6:00 pm PST) before you place any orders. If your situation fits all of the below three conditions, you can directly start the testing from ordering the sample collection kit or testing service you prefer:
a). at least 7 weeks gestation
b). singleton pregnancy
c). you already confirm with the clinic site or a nurse on your end that they are able to do the blood work for DNA testing with our sample collection kit. If you have any issues to find out a clinic site for blood work near you, please contact our online customer service or leave your zip code & email address. We will reply you as soon as possible on working days.

Step 2. Order your sample collection kit or testing service plan online. There are payment plan options for the testing. The sample collection kit will be shipped within one business day. A confirmation email with tracking number will be emailed to you once the kit mailed out.
(Notice: The total cost of the Affordable testing service plan, with 7-10 business days turnaround time at present,  is $818. The cost  covers the sample collection kit fee, all shipping fee, lab testing fee and an online report. You can always order the sample collection kit alone if your gestational age is too earlier to take the testing but you don't want to waste time on the shipping. The sample collection kit fee you paid will be subtracted from the total testing cost when you order the testing service then. The kit will be mailed out next business day via 2-day USPS Priority Shipping. But we found that the time required for USPS delivery sometimes delays by one to two days during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2-day return shipping via FedEx is normal except a few areas in the east. Our lab manager or customer service specialist will follow up your case by email until you receive the formal testing report and get the testing done. If you are the alleged father and want to order the testing, please make sure that the pregnant mother agrees to provide the blood sample and take the testing before you purchase the kit or any lab testing service.)

Step 3. Read the instructions in the kit before sample collection.

Step 4. Collect samples and mail the samples back to our lab. A confirmation email with the test case number will be sent back once our lab receive your sample kit.
(Notice: The buccal swab sample or discreet samples from the alleged father can be collected at home. The blood sample collection from the pregnant mother should be performed at doctor's office, clinic site or by professional medical assistant. If you can't take the blood drawn at your doctor's office or by professional medical assistant now, please contact us to find out the clinic sites or mobile phlebotomy service providers near you before you place any order.)

Step 5. There are also payment plan options for the people in need.  We accept PayPal Credit for the payment plan option. You can follow the instruction to complete the order if you are eligible for PayPal Credit Pay Later Plan ( Click here for the instruction). 

Step 6. Receive the formal testing report by email/phone or mail according to your request

***Please read our Refund Policy before ordering.

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