Customer Reviews

We are focusing on the Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing. Accuracy of the testing results is our top priority. Given the unique nature of this test and our commitment to protecting customer privacy, we do not proactively solicit customer reviews. However, a search for “Vangenes reviews” on Google will lead you to genuine feedback and discussions on various forums, shared by our customers themselves. These discussions often originate from concerns regarding the accuracy of our testing results as clients await the arrival of their baby. While we have occasionally faced such skepticism over the years, subsequent postnatal DNA testing, conducted after the birth of the baby, has consistently validated the accuracy of our initial results. If you've got a minute, definitely check out these honest reviews. It usually takes a few months for the whole "doubt and discuss" cycle to play out, but if you dig into it, you'll see lots of our customers end up confirming our tests are reliable after all:


We strongly encourage our customers to reach out to us directly with any inquiries or concerns following their test results. Our team is dedicated to providing clear, satisfactory responses to alleviate any anxieties you may have. Through our concerted efforts, we aspire to mitigate your concerns and ensure a positive experience.